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Ymail has users in every corner of the world

Ymail was introduced by Yahoo in the June of 2008. It is an alternate domain for Yahoo mail users though Ymail sticks specifically to offering email service while Yahoo offers games, shopping, web search and other options. Yahoo not only gives you unlimited storage space in your inbox, you can send attachments as heavy as 25 MB with each email. It supports 21 languages, any of which you can use to send or receive emails. It has the features of enhanced contacts and import contacts. It gives 100 filters through which you can sort messages automatically. Our Ymail support services are relevant to millions of people using Ymail across the world.

One reason for its widespread popularity can be the strong security it offers, protecting your computer from virus, spyware or other malware attacks. Its efficient spam policy regulates spam messages from flooding your inbox with promotional or misleading content. At an era where crimes of identity theft are at a rise over the internet, this is an important service. The ease of mobile access that it provides is also a contributing factor. The extra features of weather integration and Yahoo calendar tool add to a better user experience. Our third party Ymail tech support team thus dedicates a large part of our human resources in serving Ymail users.

How our services help Ymail users have a better experience

Ours is a team of email support technicians who are great communicators and skilled technical experts. We offer our services via chat process as well as voice process. You can instantly avail our services from any part of UK whenever you require. Talking to you we understand what your problem is, detect the error and then find the easiest and quickest solution to it. Emails are an integral part of our lives, work and otherwise. When emails don’t work, it can mean major disruption in work. To ensure it does not happen, our Ymail customer support is always available with quick solutions.

We charge a nominal fee for our services. In return, you get the ease and peace of mind of having your backup technician on the standby. Yes, our services are so personalized, quick and thorough. And in matters of recurring troubles, you get our undivided attention till your problem is resolved. Though more commonly, it is the simple issues that when undetected, may seem to be unfathomable problems. In the hands of an experienced technician, it may take only a few minutes to resolve. So act fast. Pick up the phone and call Ymail helpline number to talk to one of our technicians today.

Common Ymail services we offer

There may arise a variety of issues when you are using any email service, however efficient or sophisticated it might be. Some of the issues arise from our lack of experience too and can be easily resolved. The common day to day errors that users may face when working on their Ymail are:

  • When using a Mac, how to set up your Ymail on your Mac making use of Mac Mail
  • How will you set up your Ymail in your Microsoft Outlook
  • How do you delete your Ymail account
  • How do you create a new Ymail account
  • What do you do when you forget your Ymail password
  • How do you recover your Ymail password

You can also get in touch with us to be put in contact with Yahoo Help. We do our best to resolve every query in the first call itself. Our Ymail technical support offers you the best professional services when you find yourself at a standstill!


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