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Why Hotmail is the preferred choice of so many

You will find a steady and loyal user base for Hotmail wherever you go. And there are reasons for this. Hotmail comes with many practical features that bring you day to day convenience. Take for example the personal folders that let you group emails by type, so that you can search related emails easily. Hotmail also has more file compatibility with Microsoft office support. Open Word document in Skydrive and easily download, edit or upload on Cloud.Or you can also choose to send it via Hotmail again without making any change on the format. Our Hotmail support services are always available to Hotmail users.

Hotmail is also in sync with the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, reason it is easier to manage contacts here. You get emails for birthday reminders, so you do not have to set up a personal reminder for these events. There is a lot less advertisement pop up than other popular free email services. offers free Exchange ActiveSync Support, which is a great program to sync your email with contacts and calendar. No wonder then, that people who know of these extra advantages of Hotmail prefer it over other email service providers. Our Hotmail tech support is a third party team of expert professionals who help you with all your email errors.

Why we work for supporting users of another email service provider

Our priority is to serve our clients, irrespective of what services they choose to use. We are a third party email support team, serving clients in the US. Our Hotmail support team was formed owing to the wide popularity of the service. If emails are not despatched or received timely, it may have a rather negative impression on work or your image. So whatever be the problem, the solution has to be quick and perfect. That is something our technical team is confident of providing. When you call our Hotmail helpline number, the best resolution to your problem is guaranteed.

With the right detection and troubleshooting, what may turn out to be a minor error, can on lack of expertise, cause delay and complications. Not all of us are equally efficient in technical matters. Yet modern devices and services have become such an integral part of all of our lives that we all depend on technology. Look at businesses large and small. They have long discarded the practice of faxing and emails have taken the place of faxes, for fast sending and receiving of information and documents. Do not let an email error trouble your work performance. Reach us at Hotmail customer support to immediately get back the peace of uninterrupted mailing.

Few ways we extend support to Hotmail users

  • When there is a problem with sending or receiving of emails
  • When you have forgotten the password or cannot access Hotmail for some other reason
  • Your Hotmail email service is temporarily blocked due to some unknown problem
  • There are problems with junk/spam mail filter
  • Hotmail is simply not responding
  • There is compatibility issue with one or more of different browsers
  • Facing trouble in creating a new account
  • Your account gets hacked or blocked
  • Some important mails got deleted accidentally
  • There is a server error
  • You cannot open/download attachments
  • You cannot attach files to a mail you want to send

It is not possible to jot down every tiny error that you may encounter while using your email service, be it for Hotmail or any other mail. But rest assured, you will find excellent service and a patient listener when you decide to reach out to our Hotmail technical support team.


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Email Technical Support is an independent, 3rd party support service for different email service users in the United Kingdom. Though it offers troubleshooting to the users of several email services, it does not have any tie up with any of these email service providers. Email Technical Support bears no responsibility for any service failure that you experience while using any email services mentioned here. All information offered in our website is accurate.