Tips for Writing Better Official Emails

We are past the phase when we would write emails to communicate with friends and family. Emails are still highly relevant in professional correspondence. Hotmail technical support brings you some handy tips that makes it easy to follow the basic email writing etiquette when you write to your seniors and colleagues.

The basics remain the same

Just as we say ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’ in our verbal communication as a sign of good manners, even when pressed for time, take your time to include those phrases to make your email more pleasant for the recipient. When you address people with whom you share a formal relationship or whom you don’t know too well, address name with Salutation and last name. You can use the first name if they have specifically said so. Technicians at Hotmail technical support number suggest it is also okay to do so if he/she has signed off their email to you with his/her first name.

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Be careful about how the email ‘sounds’

Your attitude reflects in your email. It influences the reader and so, it is always advisable to read it before you hit the Send button. Of course, you want to be pleasant and friendly to the recipient and not have them think that you are being curt or rude to them. If you are writing to someone you have communicated with before, it is good to start with ‘Hope you have been well,’ or something along those lines.

Our Hotmail support number UK team also suggests not to write parts of the email in upper case, as it may denote that you are shouting. You can underline, bold or put in italics the part that you want the reader to focus on. Do not use emojis when applying for a job and better not use them in professional emails unless the relationship shared is too familiar and cordial.

Keep it short and to the point

The corporate sector is one busy world and people here may not appreciate if your email takes up more than a minute of their time. When you want your reader to grasp the full meaning of your email, try to keep it brief. Our toll free Hotmail support phone number UK team likes to point it out though, that you must make it clear why you are writing the email as well as do not omit any important details that later requires sending and receiving more emails. That will just end up taking more time for everyone.

You should also avoid the use of abbreviations in your work email. It is also better to avoid text message style writings like ‘u’ in place of ‘you’ and ‘plz’ in place of ‘please.’ These easy to follow tips will help you improve your work communication by simply being mindful and making small changes here and there. Hotmail support is always there to help you out with immediate solutions for any technical errors. Call our toll free number and connect with our technicians today!

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