How to setup outlook for ios and android

Outlook is a helpful application given by Microsoft. It is valuable to send/receive messages, managing contacts and address books, sharing of data in gatherings, creating tasks and events and so forth. It is an extremely incredible application having different security points of interest.

Outlook can be easily installed on various devices by using valid email address and password. It is designed for both IOS system and Android for syncing contacts, emails and calendar to each other.

Below are steps to set up outlook for IOS and Android devices.

Steps to set up outlook for IOS device

1. First select IOS device and go to the settings
2. You can click on add button and select your email account
3. Click on the search button and select outlook and type your email address
4. Go to the IMAP mail server and add email address by clicking on add button
5. Same settings are applicable for SMTP mail server and add this as well
6. After selecting contacts , mail and calendar button ; you need to give the password

Steps to set up outlook for Android device

1. Go to the settings of you android device
2. Click on the add account button and add email account and search for the outlook email account
3. Add your email address in outlook account and click on continue button
4. After clicking on the server button and adding email address; add IMAP mail server
5. You need to follow the same process for configuring SMTP mail server and move to next
6. You need to complete the two step verification and authentication process
7. Click on allow button and choose mail, contact and calendar button easily to configure all with your password

After following above steps; if you still have any queries Microsoft outlook have a dedicated out outlook customer service team to solve all your queries. Also you can call outlook support phone number for support and guidance.

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