5 Reasons Why Emails Still Rule

As an entrepreneur, you know that other than quality service and good customer care, business is also largely about building an image. Outlook customer support has noticed that people will not entertain a marketing or sales email that is sent from Gmail or Yahoo. Often they will simply mark such emails as Spam. Similarly, for those who are receiving emails from you for the first time, not just the content but the domain name also works in building a certain perception about your organization.

You probably know of these reasons and that is the reason, you are looking at prospects of Outlook as your professional business email service provider. We believe it is a great choice. Why? We bring you top three reasons in this short blog. Read on to find out.

Outlook support recommends Office 365 for its reasonable cost

Office 365 is a powerful platform that offers both corporate class email and productivity tools. It has gone on to become a standard service provider in the corporate world. And contrary to what some people might think, it is neither expensive nor complicated. The service costs reasonable enough for even a small business to be able to afford it.

Outlook is fast and accelerates productivity

Previously, we connected email using POP and IMAP protocols that let us sync our emails to our computers and mobile devices. However, our PCs and hi tech smartphones are capable of doing a lot more. Technicians at Outlook technical support feel that this way of sending emails blocked our devices from reaching their full potential.

You may well remember the send/receive button of MS Outlook. Those were the days when an email could have arrived 20-30 minutes before your device looked for any new emails. However, in Office 365, any incoming mail in your server comes to your inbox straightaway. So you get any important email right away. Office 365 also syncs your calendar, contacts and more.

Office 365 keeps you technically ahead

With Office 365 Business premium, you get the reputation that comes with domain based emails. But what more, Outlook support UK also applauds the fact that you get the latest version of your Microsoft software. Each time, a new version is out, it will update automatically on each of your devices.

Office 365 is full of convenient features. Any work requirement you can think of, chances are Office 365 has it already sorted. OneDrive lets you keep every backup. If you need to access any Office document on OneDrive, you do not need to download the file. It just opens in your browser. If you happen to have any technical glitches with your email service, we will be happy to help you out. Our highly efficient team at Outlook helpline number UK is just one call away. Call us when you need instant resolutions.

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