5 Easiest Ways To Backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail, Outlook, Computer or Another Email

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Once upon a time, Yahoo was the leader in email services but after Gmail, it has lost the position, although it is still one of the leading email service providers across the world. If you’re having a yahoo account you may have several reasons to backup yahoo email to your computer/cloud/folder etc. If you wish to keep a backup for your yahoo account you may choose any one of the following methods-

  1. How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular email service offered by Google Inc. To back up your yahoo mail data to Gmail can be done using the following method-

  • Click on Gear Icon choose Settings go to option Accounts and import
  • Find and click on Import Mail and Contacts option
  • In pop-up window Sign into your other email account (enter your yahoo email id)
  • Click Continue to confirm and agree to terms of use
  • New popup window prompting your yahoo account sign-in (username & password)
  • Click on ALLOW Gmail to access your yahoo mail account
  • Select an option from Import contacts, Import mail or Import new mail for next 30 days
  • Click on the Start import option when you are ready for importing emails
  • Click on OK to finish

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That’s it. You have done it successfully. Once you have imported emails from your Yahoo account to Gmail, you can follow these steps to download your Yahoo! emails from your Gmail account to the Computer / Folder / Hard drive / Cloud etc.

  1. How to Download Yahoo Mails from Gmail to Computer / Cloud?

There might be several reasons you wish to download your yahoo mails to your computer, following is the process to download your email account data to Hard drive / Computer / Google drive / Dropbox / OneDrive / Box.

  • Login to your Gmail (Google email) account
  • Click on your profile picture and find the button Google Account
  • Find Personal info and privacy section
  • Go to control your content option
  • Click on Create Archive
  • Select the data which you want to backup- Email / Drive / Contacts etc.
  • Click on NEXT, You can mention file type (default- zip), archive size, and delivery method– Send download link via email, add to drive, add to dropbox, add to OneDrive, add to Box options.

That’s it. You have done it successfully.

  1. How to Backup Emails from Yahoo! to Outlook

Backing up emails from Yahoo account can be done using the following steps:

  • Find File è Open and Export è Import/Export option
  • Next, click on Export to a file and then press NEXT
  • Select, Outlook Data File (.PST) format and click NEXT
  • Choose the folder which you want to backup
  • Choose a location and rename it to remember your data with a suitable title
  • Click on Finish. That’s it.
  1. How to Backup Yahoo Mail?

Are you worried about your important emails which you want to keep in records for a longer time or don’t want to remember complicated passwords? Don’t worry using following steps you can backup yahoo mails:

Keep a print out of your important mails

  • Login to your yahoo account
  • Open the specific mail which you wish to take a print out
  • On the Right hand side along with dates, you’ll find a printer icon
  • A popup window will open and click on PRINT Button and you’ll get the print

How to print emails

  1. How to Forward Yahoo E-Mails to another Email Address

You may wish not to use your yahoo account on regular basis for that you may have your own reasons like- you’re using Gmail / Hotmail or your official email address. Don’t worry you can forward your emails to any account using following steps-

  • Login to your yahoo mail account
  • Open the particular email which you want to forward
  • On the left hand side above Subject, you’ll see options like back, reply, reply to all and forward.
  • On clicking on forward it will take you to the mail forwarding functionality where you need to put at least an email address on TO which you want to send the mail.
  • Click on the Send button, and that’s all.
  • The email would be backed up on your given email address.

Forward Yahoo mails to another email address

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