3 Gmail Hacks You Would Be Delighted to Find Out

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Gmail is not just one of the best email service providers in the world right now. At Gmail support number, we feel it is getting better with each passing day. Google has connected its services to Gmail. If you are a Gmail user, you have access to its different services. Learn more about them to make its best use.

You can turn off or delete web history in your Gmail account

Gmail maintains a track of your search queries or websites that you have looked up, once you are logged into your Gmail. At Gmail technical support number UK, we suggest our clients that if they want to delete their browsing history or want Gmail to stop keeping track of their browsing history, just turn the browsing history off. Once you are logged into your Gmail account, type http://google.com/history on the browser and take it from there.

Delete every email at one go


When you need to delete all emails from a particular tab, say primary, promotion or social or from a specific label, you may still have the habit of deleting all emails page by page. Did you know that in Gmail you can delete all such mails at just one click? At Gmail helpline number, we advise our clients to delete multiple messages by logging in their Gmail accounts, checking the boxes that are on the left of the messages and then, clicking on Delete at the top.

In case you need to delete all emails under a particular category, go to Gmail on your computer. Then go to the top left and check the box so you can select all messages. If the messages extend to more than one page, just click on Select all conversations. Then go to the top and click on delete. Yes, it is actually that simple and effortless to do things in Gmail.

Gmail support recommends the attachment reminder

Another really cool feature that we like mentioning is that, if anywhere you have written in the email that you have attached files and forget to attach them, Gmail recognizes it. It immediately sends you a pop up reminder that says, ‘It seems like you forgot to attach……..there are no files attached. Send anyway?’

What a great way to save you from making a mistake in an important email! At Gmail support phone number, our technicians believe it is a great option to keep data back up as well as protect against any hacking related damages. No wonder, Gmail’s popularity keeps increasing wildly all across the globe.

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